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No need to contract separate companies for a single event. We can coordinate and provide staging and Lighting, live sound support, and video projection. We'll work closely with you and/or your planners to ensure a successful, seamless, worry-free event.
Enhance with Staging
Staging setups for many types of events, big or small: Concerts & Live Performances, Festivals & Community Events, Conferences, Corporate Functions, Speaking Engagements, and more!
Quality Counts
Every event is different, so are their needs. It's our job to determine how the services we offer can help you achieve the very best results that will fit into your budget. You won't find a more dependable and efficient Company.
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In may cases, we can determine your needs and estimate the needs of your project/event very quickly with a simple phone call. Call or email us today!

We can setup a stage as small as 4'x4' or setup larger concert sized stages. Skirted, railed, up to 36" high. We also have do-it-yourself staging, max.12" high. Easy to transport and setup yourself!  Let us know what you're working with and can can direct you to the best solution for your event. 

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Staging and Risers

Dimensions listed are our most popular setups. Addt'l configurations available.
  • Each 4' Piece Can Hold up to 2500lbs
  • Staging & Risers
  • Prices are for 6", 8" or 18" heights. 36" Stage height available.
  • 4'x4' Staging $75
  • 8'x4' Staging $150
  • 8'x8' Staging $300
  • 12' x 8' Stage $450
  • 12' x 12' Stage $750
  • 16'x 12' Stage $975
  • 16"x16" Staging $1275
  • 20"x16" Staging $1575
  • 24"x16" Staging $1875
  • You Rent & Setup Yourself
  • Self Serve Option
  • 3'x6'x12" H $75
  • 6'x6'x12" H $150
  • 9'x6'x12" H $225
  • 12'x6'x12" H $300
  • Stage Skirting $ .50 per foot
  • Delivery Options Available
  • Accessories & Special Use Options
  • Skirting, Steps, Rails & Drapery
  • Stage Skirting $ .50 per foot
  • Pipe and Drapery up to 16 feet!
  • Hand Rails - $25ea.
  • Addt'l Steps $75
  • Addt'l Stairs for over 36" Heights $150
  • Choral Risers w/Rails
  • Covered Stages Available

Most Popular Stage Layouts


8'x8' Stage

18" Height: $300 (36" height: $600 with railings)

12'x8' Stage

18" Height $450 (36" height: $900 with railings)

16'x12' Stage

18" Height: $975 (36" height: $1800 with railings)

16'x16' Stage

18" Height: $1275 (36" height: $2200 with railings)

24'x16' Stage

18" Height: $1875 (36" height: $2800 with railings)
Single Riser, larger sizes, and covered stages available. Please ask us.
*Stages over 18" may require side rails, additional structural support, and a staircase step system. These options are calculated separately and on a case by case basis. Please ask.
**Delivery fees may apply depending upon delivery location. Delivery fees will also apply to weekend, early morning and evening deliveries/pickups.

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