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Digital Transfers & Digitizing Services
8mm & 16mm
8mm and 16mm Film won't last forever - now's the time to digitize these precious memories so your memories won't fade away. Most jobs completed within 2-4 weeks. All jobs completed in-house.
Video Tapes
We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Hi-8, Mini DV, 8mm, Digital-8 tapes to DVD. Options also included capturing to digital file. Not sure what you have? Bring it in, we'll be happy to take look and evaluate your job.
Slide & Photo Scans
High Resolution slide, photo, negative scans to digital files! Get rid of that slide projector - throw away those bulky photo albums and start sharing your digital albums with anyone that has a computer, tablet or phone!
Audio Transfers
Reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records (all sizes/speeds) and 8-track tapes (yes, even 8-tracks!) can be transferred directly to digital files and/or CDs.


All film transfer & digitizing jobs are completed in house. We ensure high quality transfers handled carefully with the utmost of care by individuals that manage each and every job personally. We can help you customize your transfer for archiving, gift giving, or presentation purposes. Having a reunion? Birthday? Other special moment? We can combine film, videos, photos, slides, narration, and whatever your heart desires for a one-of-a-kind sharable experience. We even transfer 3.5" Floppy Discs!

VHS | VHS-C | 8mm/16mm Film Scanning/Digitizing | Slide Scans 35mm, 120, large format | Negative and Photo Scanning | Digital8/Hi-8 | Mini DV | Beta Tapes | 8-Track | Reel to Reel Audio Tape | Records | LPs | Audio Cassette Tape | Microcassettes | 3/4" U-matic | Floppy Discs | More.

Film and Reel Transfers

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask!
  • 8mm | Super 8mm | 16mm
  • Reel Based Films
  • Transfer to DVD and/or digital files.* Prices vary depending on the size of the reel and quantity of reels you have. The most common sizes are 50', 200' & 400' reels.
  • Diam.: 3 inches = 50ft.
  • Diam.: 4 inches = 100ft.
  • Diam.: 5 inches = 200ft.
  • Diam.: 6 inches = 200ft.
  • Diam.: 7 inches = 400ft.
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*Film Transfer Options

  • Finalized DVDs to play in a DVD player or computer.
  • Digital Files to External Hard/Flash/Thumb drive for archiving/editing.
  • Add Background Music - royalty free for a non-silent film experience.
  • Add Chapter Markers - easily scan through the footage.
  • Scene Selection - just like the movies, add thumbnails of each reel in a menu format.
  • Additional DVD/CD Copies 1 $10 2-4 $8.50/ea. 5+ $7.50/ea.
  • Our digital files are MP4 or MOV formats (other formats available), 720p and very large! We can provide other formats for an add'l processing fee. Just ask!

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