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Digitize Your Old Films!
8mm & 16mm Films
8mm and 16mm Film won't last forever - now's the time to digitize these precious memories so your memories won't fade away. Most jobs completed within 2-4 weeks. All jobs completed in-house.
We can create a DVD with your footage. Need some editing? No problem! We can add narration, titles, and custom menus!
Digital Files
MOV or MP4 Files - Ready to Share! Digital files are the way to go now-a-days! Share using cloud storage or upload to YouTube or Vimeo!
Your films are handled and digitized in our Annapolis, Maryland location. WE DO NOT "SEND ANYTHING OUT". Tight timelines, no problem!


All film transfer & digitizing jobs are completed in house. BRING THEM IN - MAIL THEM IN! We ensure high quality transfers handled carefully with the utmost of care by individuals that manage each and every job personally. We can help you customize your transfer for archiving, gift giving, or presentation purposes.

We've been transferring/digitizing film for about 15 years. Most recently, the digital age has impacted the processes and quality of digital transfers in many positive ways and it continues to get better and better. With that said, there is no time like the present to digitize this old film. It degrades over time and in some cases can become very brittle. The longer you wait the worse the film can become. Digitizing now will preserve your treasures and will ensure that your memories are not lost forever.

8mm/Super 8mm Film Reels | 16mm/Super 16mm Film Reels | Digitize | Transfer | MOV | MP4 | DVD

8mm 16mm film formats

Your films are handled and digitized in our Annapolis, Maryland location.

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Transfer to DVD - External Hard Drive - Flash Drive - USB - Data Disc
Formats: MOV | MP4 | AVI | Others

If you need to mail your films to us, we'll be happy to help you with the process.

  • Transfer now, preserve your memories in digital format!
  • 8mm and Super 8mm (sorry, we do not transfer Super 8mm audio)
  • 16mm film (with or without audio)
  • A transfer technician is assigned to your job, not a machine.
  • High definition frame by frame transfer method.
  • Films are carefully scrutinized and adjusted for color, contrast, and clarity during the process.

The most popular format of transfer is to digital file in MOV format that can be viewed via your computer and smart TV. We can also provide a finalized DVD that will play in your DVD player, as an option. Because the films have been put away for so long most folks just do not know what's on the film or in what chronological order the reels should be sorted -- so having digital files gives you the option to review what you have and allows you the opportunity to sort and put them in the proper order for a finalized DVD. 

  • Format: MOV Format (other formats upon request)
  • Editing services also available if you'd like to add intro titles/lower thirds to the finalized DVD or digital movie file.
  • Delivered on USB/Flash Drive or External Hard Drive (you can supply or you can buy it from us)
  • We can upload to DropBox or other cloud storage for easy download to your computer.
  • We can create a DVD that will play in a DVD player.

Your films are handled and digitized in our Annapolis, Maryland location. We do not send anything out.

Pricing varies depending upon what you have, how many reels you have, and the condition of your films. For example a 50 foot of film is spooled onto a 3" diameter reel. If you have 5 or more reels, the cost is $20 per reel, if you have fewer than 5 reels the cost will be slightly higher.

Please take a moment to fill out our online estimate request, we're happy to work up a personalize quote for you! If you're not sure what you have, stop in, bring your reels and we'll help you sort through them!

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